First, we'll lay all of your profit and biz goals out on the table. This ain't no cookie-cutter pricing class...We do this to help us set custom prices designed to get you exactly what you want.

Next, we'll build a system that magnetically attracts your ideal clients ...predictably! (You'll learn how to expertly justify your prices while creating HUGE value for yourself and your products!)  

And last, we'll set a cash value for your TIME based on your specific profit goals. So that your clients and you BOTH know exactly what your most valuable asset --your time-- is worth!! (It's also key in setting all your prices next...)

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And Check This Out:

My goal for you is to leave this class with custom, profitable prices and with the skills and confidence to charge and actually get paid those prices!

… And in order to make sure that happens, I'm also including:

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“Give Me Three Weeks, And I'll Give You the Skills
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You Need to Charge and Get PAID
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You'll leave with exact prices that work for you. And the strategies to attract &
easily-sell-to to the type of photography clients that pay those prices!

Hey there,

Joy Vertz here, and here's what I've got for you: 

3 Weeks To Pricing Perfection, an online video course that takes you by the hand to set-up and implement a pricing strategy to help you reach your profit goals fast.

Here's how we'll do it:

Week 1 ...

Week 2 ...

First, I'll help you crunch profitable prices (step-by-step) for:

  • all your products...
  • your session fees...
  • your packages...
  • special promotions...
  • … and everything!

(This stuff is surprisingly fun, fast, and eye-opening!)
Then, we'll choose and structure your PACKAGES to make them irresistible (and practically sell themselves) so you can get more cash without really selling them!

And finally, we'll determine your Happy Place Sale: your sales goal for every session … So that you know -and- can reach at least your target profit every time!

Week 3 ...

First, we'll create-&-design your PRICE LIST strategically so that...

  • 1) your products and packages sell themselves, and ...
  • 2) so that your clients BUY MORE products and services!

Next, I'll give you even more ways to get clients spending the amount you want them to spend + exactly what to say when people ask about pricing, digital files … and more!

And finally, I'll show you 3 simple full proof methods to overcome pricing & other objections... just in case they still have any! (...Took me 10 years of real-world experience to develop and get these just right.)

Exactly How to Use MINI SESSIONS to cater to thrifty clients (and still be very profitable!!)


How To Use DIGITAL FILES to Your Advantage as the "carrot" that gets people over and above your Happy Place Sale!

Plus 2 Bonus Lessons!

Exclusive access to my private Pricing Perfection Facebook Community so you can get 24-hour support from me and your fellow students whenever you need it. (Yes ... I'll be there in case you need help, advice, or run into challenges!)

Immediate Access so you can start learning and implementing right now, as soon as you take advantage of this amazing offer!

Lifetime Access so you can learn and implement at your own pace and your own schedule! (And even if you can't start immediately, you should still take advantage of this offer because you'll have access to all this online video training forever – and review whenever you want in the future!)

Video Price List Critiques of past students so you can SEE and learn from their mistakes (and awesome implementations) faster than those that came before you!  

My Proven PSD Price List Templates so you can quickly fill in the blanks and hit the ground running fast!

Plus, on top of that you also get...

My 30 Day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

To put your mind at ease, I want you to know that I fully stand behind this course. That's why you're getting my rock-solid guarantee:

If you aren't getting great results with this material, just send me your completed action-step worksheets within 30 days to show you made an effort, and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

So you literally have absolutely nothing to lose. You get the results you want or your money back.

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That means you can ask me questions and get direct help from me on anything pricing and client-targeting related.

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